Cellular Pathology – Cytopathology 

Cervical cytology screening using liquid-based cytology (LBC).
Fine needle aspirates (FNAs) from a variety of body sites eg lumps in the breast and neck.
Diagnostic cytology on effusions, fluids, and washings/brushings from respiratory and digestive tracts, and urine.

Conditions treated

We provide cytopathological reports which will indicate the treatment regime to the responsible clinician, though we do not actually treat patients directly.

We pick up the early stages of cancer from patients participating in the cervical screening programme and refer these to colposcopy for further examination. We differentiate between malignancy and non-malignancy in all our diagnostic cytology (non-gynaecological) specimens.

Service performance

We have a target turnaround time of 14 days end-to-end for cervical screening samples and currently we are meeting the target of 98% of samples being reported within this time. We aim to report on diagnostic cytology specimens within 48 hours of receipt into the laboratory.

The FNA clinics provide a same-day reporting service for breast and thyroid lumps, often while the patient is still in the clinic.
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Dr Sabine Pomplun Cellular Pathology – Cytopathology, Cellular pathology
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Other information

Gynae Cytology (Cervical Smear results)
5th Floor West Wing
250 Euston Road
London, NW1 2PG

GP enquiries
Telephone: Cervical Cytology 020 7460 4851
Email: uclh.nclcytology@nhs.net

Diagnostic Cytology
Rockefeller Building
University Street
London, WC1E 6DE

GP Enquiries

Telephone: 020 7679 6025
Fax: 020 3108 2195
Email: UCLH.cellpath@nhs.net

Patient enquiries
Telephone: 020 7307 7387

Clinical Lead - Dr Sabine Pomplun
Email: sabine.pomplun@nhs.net

Service manager - Margaret Morgan
Email: Margaret.morgan@tdlpathology.com