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17/12/2018 00:00 

UCLH is preparing to switch to an electronic health record system on 31 March 2019 and this will mean some changes in the way we communicate with you and with patients.

The system we have chosen is called Epic. It will replace most of our clinical systems, and include full patient records, clinical decision support, patient administration data, as well as tools for scheduling, reporting and communication with patients, GPs and other healthcare professionals.

This should improve the way we share information with you and patients.

EHRS will strengthen our research capabilities and make it easier for patients to take part in clinical trials, helping to improve our understanding of diseases and treatments for the future.
Information will be shared with patients via a portal called MyCare UCLH. Patients can access the portal through a customised app on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. We are working with our patients and clinicians to determine exactly what information and services will be available through the portal.

This may include information about their condition, prescriptions and appointments, and the option to request to book or reschedule appointments. This means that UCLH patients, who have signed up for MyCare UCLH, will always have access to the latest information about their care from the app even during a visit to their GP.

There will also be a new portal for GPs and other referrers. EpicCare Link UCLH, a secure digital portal, will link GP practices and other healthcare providers with the UCLH electronic health record system. GP practices which sign up to EpicCare Link UCLH will be able to securely view the latest information about shared patients – from conditions, tests and procedures to results, treatments, clinical letters and recommended follow-up care.

The new system will utilise DocMan Connect to transfer hospital correspondence into your DocMan inbox or MESH, depending on your practice set up. This means we will not be sending letters in the post.

Information sharing will also be greatly improved for GPs in North Central London (NCL) when UCLH is connected to NCL’s Health and Care Information Exchange.

By joining the exchange, your practice will have seamless access to your patient's data without the need for a separate login.

At the same time, UCLH will also have access to GP data, decreasing the need for hospital staff to contact your practice, therefore freeing up hospital and practice staff time better spent with patients.

In future, we anticipate exchanges will link up, enabling us to communicate with GPs outside London.

We will be providing regular updates on our website from next January.

Contact: Renato Celani, GP Liaison,, 020 3447 9083.

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